Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Hakikat Sebuah Surgery

Operation room:
- it must be sure all sterilized properly
- Must get enough all of the light sources otherwise the surgery can be done using the torch light :D or candle (kidding only laaa..)
-Must be equipped with the entertainment stuffs at least a radio..depends on the financial budget of that hospital..well i heard some hospital can provide even a computer with the internet at least for their anaesthesiologists. WOW!!

The equipment:
-Again must be sterilized!
-Basic things all of us must know-pisau, gunting pemegang, benang, jarum dan kain gauze

Operation table:
-Cannot across in front of the patients leg otherwise u will be scolded!

The surgeons:
-Average age is >35 years..15 years studied maaaaa, to get a tittle a consultant
-very successful in a medical field. Their brain as like a Dorland's Dictionary. Ask them anything, they will answer u very quick..err, mayb take a less than 2 minutes :D
-is rich...of knowledges and money though
-not too old and too young..yeah u rite, we dont know because they wear a mask!!
-usually been attacked by a tremor (menggigil)..it depends on how cool that surgeon is :D
-Please dont ask them whether they know how to sew their clothes by themselves or not. Trust me, they are better than u guys!...Fully equipped with the skills and art of sewing...even to sew the 'guni beras' pon im very sure about that :D..plus they even can sew in a cosmetic style :D
-Is very mysterious on how their appearance look like..surely we will wondering is she really hot?or is he really handsome?...but dont ever get shocked when suddenly one guy or lady said to u after your operation "hello, how do you getting on?ok?...im your surgeon" then u realize that the surgeon is not really as what u imagine :D

The surgeons

The assistant
-Usually the HO (House officer), JMO(junior Medical officer) but some of other times it can be also a medical student...if there are no other options :D
-Most probably equipped with all the skills acquired to become a surgeon because they will further their studies not only to become an assistant but then to conduct the operation by themselves in the future:D
-usually help the surgeon to hold the thread, sewing and so on
-again will be attacked with a tremor..depends on how many operation he or she has been involved.
-age=young, fresh graduate,25-30 years old

Behind the scene..my team and i :D

The patient
-is unconcious, in a deep sleep...in wonderland!!

The operation
-is most life-threatening moment
-any milliliters drop of blood could threatened the patient's life
-Its all depends on capability of the surgeons to handle the situation...he do the best and to Allah he pray for the success..

The Anaesthesiologists (Pakar bius)
-Sitting, looking to the window, remark something on the paper, checking on the patient's level anaesthetics (ubat bius)
-But dont u guys ever think that they are just sitting...they are not just sitting,but they are listening!!..they are listening to the alarm and the sound comes from the patient's life machine..if anything happen, they are on the go!!

Nota kaki: This is one of the briefing notes for u guys in order not to be scared during the operation..dont worry,u guys will be surrounded with mr/ms nice guy/lady
Hopefully theres no surgeons, MO, HO outside there reading my blog :D...abes laa kalau ada ...huhu


CriticalThinker said...

aduh gambaran berdarah itu cukup sadis! *seb bek la ako tak jadi doktor bedah

Nadia Yuna said...

bestnye dpt jadik doktor!


aimienadia said...

nice work.evento i'll b pursuing my stud in dentistry..ur post really caught my attention lah~