Saturday, 10 December 2011

Its just appendicitis


Well, such a long time i didn't update my blog. My solid reason is because i keep on pending to think of good topic to talk and discuss about.chewahh.

Ok lets talk about appendicitis. This is merely general information to all of you outside there and i hope by the end of this topics you could alert and come to see the doctor as soon as possible.

What is appendix?what is the symptoms and why this topic i choose out among all of the other topic? of course this is emergency surgical case which could lead to high mortality and morbidity. The appendix is the blunt end hollow organ filled with the protection tissue of our body called lymphatic tissue. Well, for me its important for our immunity, especially in children.

Appendix location

It is located in right lower abdominal region(the most common place). The symptoms is simple, sudden onset of pain, pricking type, increase in severity, aggravated by food intake, fever(on and off), nauseated and vomitting-usually this is the most common symptoms i usually seen in my patient.

Well, as a surgeon, we see the patient as a whole. Besides appendix there, got a several organ located exactly the same location where appendix situated. We have meckel's diverticulum, cecum, ureter, ovary-fallopian tube(for women) etc.

Focus weih!!

So please do not irritated when the doctor ask u other question, because they want to exclude other disease as well. Who knows could be urinary tract infection with appendicitis, or only urinary tract infection alone or even appendix alone..sounds complicated is it?

When all the clinical examination conducted and diagnosed made. We go in!

For me, as a junior surgical doctor, done already 10-20 appendicectomy yet still had kinda feeling doing an appendicectomy like a playing cards!....yeah rite, because we dont know what will be encounter while open up layer by layer untill we gonna see the last part of abdominal layer..sound interesting right?....could it be easier or harder..

The palpitation begins just before the incision made and i guess it will end after the appendicectomy done. We never knew how is the appendix condition, is it perforated?suppurated?is it white? or there got a lots of adhesion untill the appendix cant even visualized and mobilized?!!

searching for appendix >.<

The even "simple" appendicectomy can be converted to laparatomy if the appendix profusedly damaged and involved the caecum..this is what i mean how cruel appendix could be to somebody..

Perforated appendix

Well guys, this is neither a medical lecture nor emedicine ya, take it easy. it just only a general information which i'd like to share with you guys. :)

Do not hesitate to ask me a questions ya..

Have a good day :)