Monday, 27 October 2008

10.36 pm

Salam to everyone, my comrades, my friends and not forgotten to also my enemies :P

Its 10:36pm, my report done and wait to pass it up tomorrow. Hopefully everything is ok. If it will not, haih i have to correct it again laa nampaknya :D

Nothing was interesting for today i guess, a typical and repeated my life-story except i've been going to the gym. Haha. With a spirit just to gain a little bit weight which is currently is 68 kg and to increase a bit my lung capicity :D

OoO ya, yesterday was a superb match i had between my team heroes against United life which was lined up with the 1st year junior. We won :D. Ive got a few photos taken by Paan (credit to him!)..Enjoy

Asrul, Afi, aku, Ranjit

akulah itu

Azam, Paez, Afi n akulah

Friday, 24 October 2008

The better way of smoke manipulation :D

The set

Sangat gelap utk cubaan pertama

Asap yg blur

Berjaya capture



How are you guys?Hopefully u guys will have a blast day and always be in a blessing from Allah SWT.

Yesterday my friend-mubin and i had an experiment with a new type of photography called 'smoke' photography. Lately we've been bored using of strobe(Flashlight aka speedlight) to capture a human model thus would like with something we go, mubin suggested to capture a 'smoke'..i agreed..

So, all the preparation has been set up, the dark background (using the thins's cadar-thanx a lot to him :D), the cigarrete, 2 strobe at 45 degree heading to the smoke and the camera. Owh, we did this in our kitchen by the way..

Everybody was eager and cant wait to see the result. Well, at the 1st try, the result was to dark picture cames out, about 5-6 time was dark again and the lighting has been adjusted..hurm, mubin and i kinda blur..huhu, well its a very usual things happen for the 1st trial..then, i took a move, i increased a bit shutter up to 1/150s and the aperture to 5 (f=5)..the result turn to be good even though the sharpness not so satisfied..ok2, i'll try it again using a different parameter ...

Nah, suddenly the pic came out as we hoped..yay :D, we were happy and continue to snap again with a different techniques..mubin ask to move a bit the fork used to hold the cigarette so that the smoke will turn into a wavy-shape..yeah, it was great smoke finally...

Well, its come into my favorite one, editting using the we go the post editting pic...enjoy guys..

Monday, 20 October 2008

A few seconds left

Salam to everyone

Today, almost 8 hours i have been seated in front of my computer just to finish my case report of my patient named Makariyuk Ekatarina Aleksandrovna. Just a simple case arterial hypertension and angina, but this time is very different..

Well actually, it is not the 1st case history since i hv been studying here, but i think, considerating for this current time being well i guess i should be more concentrate for what i have done, no more play, must be serious.:D..come on ijat u gotta only a few month left to be prepared before u'll be enter into a new life, new responsibilities, all is on your own...u'll be working as a doctor..

I guess, this entry should be enough to open up my eye and mind to realize what i have been heading to..bye for now, a little motivation for myself..

p/s: guys, wish me luck for my case report :D

Surah Al-Baqarah ayat 286: "Allah tidak membebani seseorang itu melainkan sesuai dgn kesanggupannya "

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Futsal oh Futsal

Salam to everyone

Todays entry about futsal. Today is 2nd league. Everybody including me was kinda like impatient to meet our opponent but unfortunately it was been cancelled in the last few minutes. All happened in sudden. But we were cool, yeah nvm, no rezeki, nxt time we'll perform..

One part of my best is about my team, Everybody relax, chill to the max. Even though we were so eager to play. The futsal is really mean for us, its all about team-uniting spirit. We were really enjoy during the game. Just play our game. Afi and Asrul play their position very well, turning, passing and shoot..really accurate..really thanx to them for being the scarriest defender ever in SFL and helped to bring the cup to our hometown(room 713..hehe)

Sharma, Paez n i were played on top and do our job with our best..again, the scarriest ever striker and mid-fielder in SFL..hehe, well its kinda a bit vain and self-proclaiming but i really proud of my team..last but not least my best goal keeper as we were naming him as "chelovek pauk" aka spider man..hahaha, well he was really good as petr Chech and even better i think :D..

Then, after the SFL has been cancelled, i took my phone n called Aleksandr to book my usual practice court in M2, Alhamdulillah it was available at 9 pm..

All 4 teams were playing as a training and we were really enjoyed even though it was really tiring because some of us have to go back to Spartiv hostel which is the distance is quite far and have to wait until 9 pm and have to go back to M2 zal..yeah really tiring..well guys, im really appreciate!

Futsal is just not only u get onto the court and just kicking the ball, and not about one of group human being chasing for the one ball, and also not aiming for the goal! its all about the spirit, the spirit is the same between each other...when it comes into similarity it will fuse internally among us...then simple mathematics, it will unite us..that was the part when sports and human interacted with...

Cheers guys..Salam

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Angina from my point of view

I'll take one of 5 minutes time in duration of my entire click-clock time just to share something w ya all..well, today is a quite boring day actually for me,felt kinda gloomy or something sort of it, mayb the therapy class finished a bit late as we were scheduled..sum more i continued my nazar fasting and hv to prepare for my meal and also had a rushing moment to bank w nazlin to draw some bloody money from atm for hostel payment tomorrow..but then im not gonna make this kind of thingy be the reason why ive been engulfed w a gloomy day..but then its sad2, looking to my number on the bank receipt getting decrease n decrease bit by bit...huhu, what to do, otherwise i'll b kicked out w red card from hostel for not paying the hostel bloody fees :D

sorry for mumbling, well we'll go to d point,..i suddenly realize the medical world is quite easily to get bored with....rushing for the same things, occupied with a lots of work..hahah, now i knew y suddenly all d talented students are quitting from this field..and that was so damned scared for me enuff..hurm, but for me its really important how u deal with this situation..whether u really enjoyed it or not..

This situation i'll brought up because due to the therapy class just now, we had a discussion on the same thing for the past 4 ANGINA..well everybody knows...yeah, i bet!..and this was initiated the boredom among us, all of us...yeah boring..talking d same things,d same algorythm..

But then if u see deeply inside, out of box and u imagine ure in d real situation, doing this boring things, talking d same things, memorizing the algorythm of treatment which u knew it for the past 3 years during ur medical school..u could save someones life, relieves his or her pain and the best one is u could help him or her to perform all rukun islam perfectly...especially 'solat' and this is my sya Allah, how big a good deed uve made..

Well colleagues, i would like to cheer and motivate all of u up and of course me also for not being bored for what u are into even uve done it for the past 10 years...our new dedicated life in this field will not just only about a good money but its all about sacrifice..for others outside there.....

Doaku: Allahumma na'uzubika minal hammi wal hazan...

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Doaku buat mak dan ayah

Malam ni, sebelum aku tertidur, aku sempat melayan seperti biasa blog kegemaran aku, blog yg dikarang oleh ust. Hasrizal. aku mmg suka baca blog beliau sbbnya nukilan-nukilannya membuatkan aku terfikir sesuatu yg baru dan selalu membuatkan aku memandang sesuatu dgn persepsi yg baru. Alhamdulillah. pada malam ni, aku seorang nk berkongsi ttg satu tulisan beliau tentang anugerah Allah kepada insan yg bergelar anak, yg tiada gantinya..iaitu IBU...mengenang kembali segala peristiwa, kenangan dan jasa mak kepadaku, ma sya Allah...tak ternilai dgn wang ringgit...namun..bukan lah aku di sini nak membincangkan betapa nilainya jasa seorang IBU, tp aku ingin memandang kepada masa depan seorang ibu, evolusi seorang ibu yg dahulunya berdua, bersama si suami, lepas tu bertiga dan seterusnya bertambah menjadi satu keluarga..dahulunya rumah riuh rendah, anak-anak berlari-lari, menangis, gelak ketawa, meja makan haru-biru jadinya, IBU jenuh menuang lauk kegemaran kpd setiap anak yang ada, di waktu petang melayan kerenah anak-anak dan banyak lg yg dilakukan demi anak-anak..namu hati dan wajah si IBU tetap sama..masih sayangkan anak-anaknya....


Evolusi bermula...anak-anak makin membesar, belajar jauh-jauh ke luar negara, kenal dunia, telephone mak pon seminggu sekali..anak-anak mula berkahwin dan meninggal kan rumah...datang jenguk pon sebulan sekali..rumah IBU kini kian sunyi....IBU tgk tv seorang diri, dahulunya ada juga suara-suara yg berinteraksi dgnnya, kini sepi...yang didengari oleh si IBU hanyalah corong radio, suara si anak makin lenyap..anak-anak kian sibuk dihambat dgn kerja, duit dan IBU dan ayah tetap sunyi, sepi...usia si IBU kian di mamah senja...

Ya, peringatan buat aku...

Adakah ini balasan utk semua jasa-jasa mereka?

utk mak dan ayah: Mak, ayah.Ampunkan dosa b yang selama hampir 7 thn buat hidup mak ayah terasa sepi walau sedetik masa pon, ampunkan dosa b...

“Wahai Tuhanku! Cucurilah rahmat kepada mereka berdua sebagaimana mereka telah mencurahkan kasih sayangnya memelihara dan mendidikku semasa kecil.”