Monday, 27 October 2008

10.36 pm

Salam to everyone, my comrades, my friends and not forgotten to also my enemies :P

Its 10:36pm, my report done and wait to pass it up tomorrow. Hopefully everything is ok. If it will not, haih i have to correct it again laa nampaknya :D

Nothing was interesting for today i guess, a typical and repeated my life-story except i've been going to the gym. Haha. With a spirit just to gain a little bit weight which is currently is 68 kg and to increase a bit my lung capicity :D

OoO ya, yesterday was a superb match i had between my team heroes against United life which was lined up with the 1st year junior. We won :D. Ive got a few photos taken by Paan (credit to him!)..Enjoy

Asrul, Afi, aku, Ranjit

akulah itu

Azam, Paez, Afi n akulah


CritiCalThinKer said...

sepakan dari no 6 itu lantunan dari kaki kamu atau sepakan tidak kena? patot la menang.. ihihi

jatbee said...

sepakan tidak kena tepat skali..hahaha, xlah, diorang baru start centre je tu..lpas tu saja p acah..hehehe