Friday, 24 October 2008

The better way of smoke manipulation :D

The set

Sangat gelap utk cubaan pertama

Asap yg blur

Berjaya capture



How are you guys?Hopefully u guys will have a blast day and always be in a blessing from Allah SWT.

Yesterday my friend-mubin and i had an experiment with a new type of photography called 'smoke' photography. Lately we've been bored using of strobe(Flashlight aka speedlight) to capture a human model thus would like with something we go, mubin suggested to capture a 'smoke'..i agreed..

So, all the preparation has been set up, the dark background (using the thins's cadar-thanx a lot to him :D), the cigarrete, 2 strobe at 45 degree heading to the smoke and the camera. Owh, we did this in our kitchen by the way..

Everybody was eager and cant wait to see the result. Well, at the 1st try, the result was to dark picture cames out, about 5-6 time was dark again and the lighting has been adjusted..hurm, mubin and i kinda blur..huhu, well its a very usual things happen for the 1st trial..then, i took a move, i increased a bit shutter up to 1/150s and the aperture to 5 (f=5)..the result turn to be good even though the sharpness not so satisfied..ok2, i'll try it again using a different parameter ...

Nah, suddenly the pic came out as we hoped..yay :D, we were happy and continue to snap again with a different techniques..mubin ask to move a bit the fork used to hold the cigarette so that the smoke will turn into a wavy-shape..yeah, it was great smoke finally...

Well, its come into my favorite one, editting using the we go the post editting pic...enjoy guys..


CritiCalThinKer said...

owh.. i thought u re testing the Brown Movement.. btw, sooo creative!

♥«m!stAkêñ^!dêÑt!tÿ»♥ said...

woww..gila best!!..cun!..huhu..;P

jatbee said...

criticalthinker: hehehe, ni 1st experiment, a lots will come out in the future..haha

mistaken identity: terima kasih :D

Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

aizat! lawa gila ni! dh makin mantap. tak sia2 membelek flickr tiap2 hari ye. yg mcm ada mata merah tu lawa. mcm suria baja hitam! ha ha ha~

pss.. im working on a video of our batch. will give the link to u later.