Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Angina from my point of view

I'll take one of 5 minutes time in duration of my entire click-clock time just to share something w ya all..well, today is a quite boring day actually for me,felt kinda gloomy or something sort of it, mayb the therapy class finished a bit late as we were scheduled..sum more i continued my nazar fasting and hv to prepare for my meal and also had a rushing moment to bank w nazlin to draw some bloody money from atm for hostel payment tomorrow..but then im not gonna make this kind of thingy be the reason why ive been engulfed w a gloomy day..but then its sad2, looking to my number on the bank receipt getting decrease n decrease bit by bit...huhu, what to do, otherwise i'll b kicked out w red card from hostel for not paying the hostel bloody fees :D

sorry for mumbling, well we'll go to d point,..i suddenly realize the medical world is quite easily to get bored with....rushing for the same things, occupied with a lots of work..hahah, now i knew y suddenly all d talented students are quitting from this field..and that was so damned scared for me enuff..hurm, but for me its really important how u deal with this situation..whether u really enjoyed it or not..

This situation i'll brought up because due to the therapy class just now, we had a discussion on the same thing for the past 4 ANGINA..well everybody knows...yeah, i bet!..and this was initiated the boredom among us, all of us...yeah boring..talking d same things,d same algorythm..

But then if u see deeply inside, out of box and u imagine ure in d real situation, doing this boring things, talking d same things, memorizing the algorythm of treatment which u knew it for the past 3 years during ur medical school..u could save someones life, relieves his or her pain and the best one is u could help him or her to perform all rukun islam perfectly...especially 'solat' and this is my sya Allah, how big a good deed uve made..

Well colleagues, i would like to cheer and motivate all of u up and of course me also for not being bored for what u are into even uve done it for the past 10 years...our new dedicated life in this field will not just only about a good money but its all about sacrifice..for others outside there.....

Doaku: Allahumma na'uzubika minal hammi wal hazan...


Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

Salam aizat.

IHD topic or any topic related to cardiovascular syst never turns me bored. well, as u mentioned there, we've talked abt this topic for years already but stil, there are alot more that we need to pay attention on. IHD as we know, may lead to many serious consequences. esply the heart. no heart no life, man. hehe. all the best in ur therapy and dont forget to prepare a good case report since durind the zachut day, the prof will ask u from cover to cover. ha. 1 more thing, do prepare for some evidance base medicine too. i've been asked. n so did meor. haha. rerajin la baca drug comparison naa :p

nadia elaiza bt norisam said...

hey ijat
just found out bout ur blog..
hm..yea i might not know anything bout ANGINA huhu.. but i seriously believe that being a doctor is not that bad if we set our prior in helping ppl and put aside the -ve part of being sure u'll do great..insyaallah.hope 2 c u see in u few years to come at any hospital s a great doctor ijat,,hehe..

Anonymous said...

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