Sunday, 19 October 2008

Futsal oh Futsal

Salam to everyone

Todays entry about futsal. Today is 2nd league. Everybody including me was kinda like impatient to meet our opponent but unfortunately it was been cancelled in the last few minutes. All happened in sudden. But we were cool, yeah nvm, no rezeki, nxt time we'll perform..

One part of my best is about my team, Everybody relax, chill to the max. Even though we were so eager to play. The futsal is really mean for us, its all about team-uniting spirit. We were really enjoy during the game. Just play our game. Afi and Asrul play their position very well, turning, passing and shoot..really accurate..really thanx to them for being the scarriest defender ever in SFL and helped to bring the cup to our hometown(room 713..hehe)

Sharma, Paez n i were played on top and do our job with our best..again, the scarriest ever striker and mid-fielder in SFL..hehe, well its kinda a bit vain and self-proclaiming but i really proud of my team..last but not least my best goal keeper as we were naming him as "chelovek pauk" aka spider man..hahaha, well he was really good as petr Chech and even better i think :D..

Then, after the SFL has been cancelled, i took my phone n called Aleksandr to book my usual practice court in M2, Alhamdulillah it was available at 9 pm..

All 4 teams were playing as a training and we were really enjoyed even though it was really tiring because some of us have to go back to Spartiv hostel which is the distance is quite far and have to wait until 9 pm and have to go back to M2 zal..yeah really tiring..well guys, im really appreciate!

Futsal is just not only u get onto the court and just kicking the ball, and not about one of group human being chasing for the one ball, and also not aiming for the goal! its all about the spirit, the spirit is the same between each other...when it comes into similarity it will fuse internally among us...then simple mathematics, it will unite us..that was the part when sports and human interacted with...

Cheers guys..Salam


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bulldozer parts said...

yeah! its much better,

loader rentals said...

sure, why not!

CritiCalThinKer said...

can i join u guyz playin?

Sarah Mohd Shukor said...

aizat, self-proclaiming! hehe. but no doubt. u're great! ive been a big supporter of heroes. n this time around, u can see Lunacy on the field. hahaha.

Critical Thinker, awk masih belum elok sepenuhnya. masih mahu main lg? rehat dulu please :|

jatbee said...

criticalthinker: yes, u can join us playing :D

sarah: Thanx sarah for being a big supporter. Ada jugak yg sokong, ingatkan ada Heroes -hater je..haha

CritiCalThinKer said...

baik acik sarah.. huhu..