Sunday, 29 March 2009

The joy and condolences


The Joy

:)) Today was the 2nd time on the row my futsal team, HEROES FC became the champion of the Sechenovian Futsal League. Nothing more to say. We just played beautiful as we used to, simple passing, quick dribbling and score. As the captain of the team, there is nothing else can describe my feeling except a very thankful and greatful to Almighty Allah to make an easier way for us to win this league. Alhamdulillah. Besides, i've been crowned as a top scorer (21 goals) for the whole seasons of the league. Double the champions. Perhaps it will be my last sourvenir before i finished my study here :))

The champion!


The Top Scorer. :D

The Condolence

And today also, one of my friend's dad passed away. Right now, he is on the flight going back to Kl. I hope he will safely landed and everything will be fine. Be strong Addi! (Al-Fatihah)


Sarah said...


Aizat the top scorer! Saya tak sempat tengok waktu Heroes amik trophy. Dah balik dah waktu tu. As a loyal fan of Heroes who regularly came to watch their matches, I wish you all many CONGRATULATIONS!

JatBee said...

Sarah: really appreciate ur commitment to Heroes!..when the silence and no crowd accompanying the heroes attacking and gols, and pada masa itulah Sarah menyokong Heroes..heheh a bunch of thanx to u :)

eidayatlias said...


balik ni kita try p main futsal tgkkkk... along lagi terer... terer sorak hehehe