Wednesday, 18 March 2009



Ok. Trying to make a different tonight by not sleeping at 12 oclock sharp, and a slightly spending my time just to share with u guys about what is actually a forensic medicine. In russian we called it Sudepnaya Medisina.

Frankly speaking, im not actually into it and and for sure i was like came into an end of mind of what its gonna be teached in this class. Ya. Just wait for the 1st class. For the first 3 classes it was a lectures. Naa, in russian completely. Trying to cope of all what has been said and absorbed as much as i can. Well, after been in the 3 lectures, what i can conclude is, this subject indirectly has taught me about RESPONSIBILITY. Im trying to enlarge the scope by responsible not only to an alive human being but also to the 'dead' human as known as dead body.

What i mean by responsibility is, every single evidents and the injury from the dead body has been found must be managed carefully and systemically handle.You see, for example, the wound itself must be explained into a detail such as what kind of wound is it? the angle of wound, is it an acute angle or a blunt angle? how the deep it was? is there any associated injury come with this wound?abrassion? and a lots more.

After that, u need to open up all the organ starting from the brain. Open up the skull and hold a brain and find any hemorrhage or swelling inside it. After that open up the thoracic part and abdomen, Search patiently every single organ. Try to find any evident that can contribute to his or her death.

Compiling all the result of examination from the starting one now u will come to the critical moment where u have to put your diagnosis of what he or she was died for?Was it due to abundantly loss of blood? respiratory depression?blood aspiration? or anything else?

This is the brief idea what is actually the forensics are dealing with. From the start till finish all the works must be carefully done. Perhaps, by doing this the prevention of a certain causes can be initiated.


MariaFaizal said...

The closest I get to Forensic Medicine is by watching CSIs.

That already amazes me! YOU?
-YOU 'WOW' me.

I hope my children (at least one of them) will be keen to learn & become a medical/specialist Doctor.InsyaAllah....

Do take care & please come back to Malaysia (after graduation) & be the BEST one here.

JatBee said...

Mariafaizal: Yes2, the CSI is the best series ever to tell u about a forensic :)..No la, im just sharing a piece of knowledge and experiences what i got so far from those classes :)

ameen, one family one doctor!

u too, ya just left a few months more for me to come back to Malaysia and start to work..erm, a bit scared when thinking about it..