Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The facts

Salam. Today i would like to share with you guys some medical fact. Praised be to Allah for all of His creation. All of the creations has their own purpose. I am really sure when u read this, the 1st word u'll say is SUBHANALLAH!


I am pretty sure that we know well about artery and vein in human body. Artery is a vessel that pump blood from heart to all our tissues, give the oxygen. The vein is a vessel bring blood from the tissue to the heart. The vein doesn't contain a muscle layer to pump blood itself towards the heart, thus it must have something that can propel blood to heart and at the same time prevent the blood from the backflow. So, Allah create us a valve inside the vein and put the vein in between the artery. For 2 arteries located 1 vein in between it. So when artery propel blood to the tissues, at the same time they compress the vein to push blood in the vein towards the heart!a lots mechanism beside this. What i really interested is about the valve. Besides it prevent the backflow, the valve also function as a "pressure-separator".

Allah creates vein in nature of pooling the blood, not to push the blood. So when blood accumulates(pooling) in the vein, the pressure appear. More blood, more pressure. What we gonna feel when the pressure rose? The very super pain all over our body will be felt. Thus, Almighty Allah with all of His Brilliant create us a VALVE. The valve will separate the high amount of pressure into a smaller amount, so that we don't even feel the burden, pain from these pressure effect. Subhanallah!


How does it feels for a women when it comes to give a childbirth? Yes it is very painful. The pain comes from the contraction(pengecutan) of muscle of uterus(rahim) and the abdomen(perut). But do we all know, why Allah creates this mechanism? instead of pain and to create a pressure to give a childbirth, there is actually a hidden mechanism occur inside the baby. When contraction(pengecutan) occurs, the artery is compressed, and less oxygen bring to the baby.

But, this is an opportunity for the baby to create a surfactant. Surfactant is a substance in the lung(paru-paru) that functions to prevent the lung from collapse. When the lung collapse, the newborn can't breath normally. Thus, when the mother is in painful to give a childbirth, more surfactant will be produced and it is good for the baby. Subhanallah!

Firman Allah:

"Sungguh, kami menciptakan manusia dalam bentuk yang sebaik-baiknya" (At-Tin:4)


MariaFaizal said...

Dik thanks for sharing.

An un-related topic, I have a question that might sound silly to you :
Would the deceased understand talqin that versed in Malay when during lifetime, other language was the spoken language instead of malay? My understanding, we'd be 'alive' half-bodily during talqin being read in the lahad.Thanks in advance dik.

JatBee said...

Salam akak:

As far as i concerned, the talqin is actually not for the deceased. Its actually for us and to remind us about the death. Thus, it is preferred to read in the language that everybody can understand. Such as in malay :D

MariaFaizal said...

oh I c...
But I'm still thinking about things that I've read/heard - about how we seek/given knowledge(ilmu) while in mom's rahim till we die (means hingga ke liang lahad).

Again, I also understand that talqin, too, is meant for the livings as to remind us about death.However, I've also being told that when we die, we're actually brought back to 'life' (while in the liang lahad) to be able to listen to talqin too (together with people 'up-there').

But, thanks dik for re-reminding the purpose again.