Wednesday, 7 January 2009


The number is getting increase. From 300 civilians to 660 civilians. The number totally injured was outrages!. The land of Al-Quds is turn to be the Israels's Lab machinery of weapons. The Phosphorus, ammonium, carbon and even all other single reactive substance that has been prohibited to use in every single war in this world has been tested on our brothers and sisters. The scar was looked like an ordinary, minor injury. But inside, it is full of burning effects even the doctor doesn't even know what has happening. The last resort is to amputate the leg or anywhere part of body that exposed to this kind of substance!

Everybody was trapped. Trapped within the confusion. What is going on in Palestin. Whether it is a real of WAR or it is a WAR CRIME. For what puopuse it has been invaded? Who must be blamed for all this kind of catastrophes? Looking to the situation, Israel blames Hamas for launching the 'small' hand made rocket to the Israel's land. While Israel turned to be sure must be blamed because of the Gazan be a target without any reason. From the beginning of Palestin rulling power has been decided according to the democratically election, Israel and its allies never been satisfied to that kind of result. Why it can't be Fatah. To put Mahmod Abas in the 1st place. Why it must be Hamas. Ya, they put Hamas as the first top ranking in the top list of terrorist organization. Even though we knew that Hamas is not an entirely a military organization, but a political one. Of course, it has a military wing to protect the nation. But the military wing of Hamas has been accentuated by an Israel as terrorist organization which is always launched the rocket, mortar, and attacks the civilian's Israel. Besides, they said the Hamas used a human shield during war. Perhaps, When you miss targeted someone that u are really wanted for, and killed the surrounding people then this is a human shield that bloody Israels saying for. It was really a propaganda.

The Illusion

It is the truth. We are a muslim. Who worship Allah. Same Aqidah. Same Al-Quran. have a same Massenger Rasulullah PBUH. Scattered everywhere on the globe. Some of us is a KING, and some of us is only an ordinary human being. Now lets play our own role. If we could use all our efforts to fight back, be it a mechanical weapons, the fluid weapons (oil), the speech (protest), the idea (blogspot) and others..please use it as much as u can for the sake of brotherhood. To help our brothers and sisters there. Their blood is our blood too. Their sadness is belong to us too. Even Al-Qardawi has phrased that the issue of Plaestin is belong to all of us and nobody can be escaped! Not only send the medication there but we can try to send the armor, the rifles, the mortar and even the artillery to help the Hamas. This is the time the harshness take place. Lets bring the zionist to their condition that they used to be and must be!! Please do not care or ever feel sensitive to those who are still backing up the Israel and USA. They are coward! Especially to Egypt and Hosni Mubarak. We will later deal with it. From now on OIC must have an urgent meeting. Please when it said an urgent,it is not a week or just look and see to take an effective. It must take a minutes. Remember, the more time u take to react, the more it will be a bloodshed. Do it quickly. Dont give the damn care to UN resolution. If US can ignore and make a fool for every resolution has been made why can't we? All of us know the UN was not 'virgin' anymore. The US has raped them and turn UN to be their private-ignoring organization... All its yours.The easiest way is to stop and ban the oil supply!! Let them suffer as much as the Gazan suffered but even more. Plus the unstable fluctuation currency value and the economy crisis will make this condition to them become even more worsen!we cut from Arab Saudi 10 mill barrels per day plus from Kuwait and Iran which is 3 mill barrels each respectively per day. Maybe they are not paralyzed yet but still the condition to them become more worst. And enough to make them re-think to support the war or to draw back!

The OIC full supported soldier can be sent there. But this time not being the group who help to ceasefire, but to kill the Israel. To brutally kill and slaughter the every single Israel's head. Based on the history, they are not fully dedicated for what they are doing. They are easily get frightened. And the important fact was since the Roman empire till the Ottoman empire they were always being harshly oppressed because of their bad character. I am sure we can kill them easily. From the total number 11 of Israels dead, we can change to make it more bigger or even possible to make the Israel disappear!

The Reality

.The thing is...Who am i to order sort of the listed things above to the world. I am really conscious and well oriented of what is really happening to the world. I knew our number of muslim is more bigger then other population. But still the number isn't made any differences if all of us still scared of DYING and love for the world. We were too afraid to get die for nothing. Maybe our deeds isn't good enough to meet Allah? or we just want to live a very long and long life without thinking of dying? or it could be us who still not satisfied and be thankful for what he had now? Fear for death is the consequence of worldly love which leads to the abandonment of Allah's Deen and to the adoption of the lifestyle, concepts and cultures of the kuffaar. In its wake comes the Divine Punishment in the form of kuffaar persecution, atrocity and domination.

The very same Allah -Azza Wa Jal - Who had aided the Sahaabah in all their battles against the kuffaar, exists today. The very same Allah Ta'ala Who had bestowed resounding victory and success to the Sahaabah, making them the rulers and the masters of the world, exists today. But He withheld His aid from the Muslims of Afghanistan, Palestin. He is withholding His aid from Muslims in the various arenas of the world.They all blame America and shaitaan, but fail to see that we ourselves are to be blamed. The cause of our degenerate condition is our own corruption which has led to the domination of the kuffaar over us. We were still waiting for others to decide for what best and suits for us. The best part is we knew obviously that the 'others' that we referred to is totally corrupted but still we are needing for their answers. Why don't we just get united and come out with our own resolution. Perhaps, this is nationality. We were lazy to think about the Ummah. Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) has informed the Ummah in no mistaken terms that when Muslims abandon the Deen, they will be overwhelmed by the kuffaar. Hence, he once told the Sahaabah that the Ummah will be at its weakest when Muslims are as numerous as the bubbles on the ocean. Numerically Muslims will be in a strong position, but they will be bereft of spiritual fibre and mettle.

Its still not too late to ask for Allah's aid. It still can be changed, my brothers and sisters. Just do some paradigm shift. Allah tell us in Al-Quran, that He will not change us until we start to change ourselves first. The history told us as well how it was in Ghuzwah Badar, the victory belong to muslim with only 313 mujahideen against kuffar which was almost has 3 times biggest amount. It is all up to us on how we define this currently situation. Whether it is a wake up call or keep on blaming others without searching our weakness..

Lets keep on praying to our Muajahideen in Palestin, Afghanistan, Iraq and everywhere so that Allah firms their feet and spirit to fight against kuffar!

"If you aid (the Deen of) Allah, He will aid you and He will plant your feet firmly (against your enemies)."

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